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Some Different and Up-and-Coming Wearables Gadgets5 New Wearables: A Bluetooth Leash, Fitness Sensor Earbuds, and More » Here

Secusmart Acquisition to Bolster Mobile Security OfferingsBlackBerry to Acquire German Encryption Technology Company Secusmart » More

The Aim of DARPA's CORONET ProjectDARPA Funded Proof of Concept Speeds Up Cloud Provisioning » More


How Security Researchers and Google Handle the Discovery of Flaws in Software or ProgramsGoogle's Android Has a Fake-ID Problem » Here


Chinese Authorities Have Increased Their Scrutiny of Foreign Tech Companies Microsoft Offices in China Are Targets of Authorities’ Visits » Here


A Modern Spin on Decoder RingsMIT Researchers Have Made a Ring That Reads » More


CEO Larry Ellison Granted 3 Million Options, Down From 7 MillionOracle Reduces Stock-Option Grants to Larry Ellison » Here


The Promise of the Shiny New Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things Is the Hackers' New Playground » More


A New Approach on Hair GrowthTheradome Helmet Fights Hair Loss With Lasers » Here


Leveraging Industry-Leading Capabilities of VIA VAB-820 Freescale SoC platformVIA Collaborates with IK4-IKERLAN on Fast Time to Market M2M Solutions » Here






The Speed of Humanoid Robot Development Continues to AdvanceASIMO Agile and Responsive Robot Is Poised to Replace Humans » More

AWS Is In a Big BattleAWS Worry Misplaced: Welcome to the Maturing Cloud » More


The Top Area of Expansion in the Fast-Growing 'Connected Home' IoT MarketHome Automation Opens Up IoT Market for Telcos » More


The Country’s Largest DNA DragnetIn Search for Killer, DNA Sweep Exposes Intimate Family Secrets in Italy » Here


The Dispute Between Johnson & Johnson and Boston ScientificMultibillion-Dollar Dispute Over Guidant Seems Headed for Trial » Here


Adapting Old Laws to New TechnologiesMust Microsoft Turn Over Emails on Irish Servers? » More


Flash Technology Isn't Ideal for High Performance AppsPower-Hungry SSDs: Hotter Than Disks » More


The Use of Innovative Digital and Social TechnologiesStartups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare » Here


The Newest 'Disability'The Obama EEOC Figures Out How to Make Life Itself an Impairment » Here

The Capital of Frozen Food in ChinaWhat Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming? » More






Activity on the Site Continues to Grow at a Good ClipAmazon's Slowing Cloud and Other Hidden Measures of Its Health » Here


Is the Curtain Falling on Tablets?Are Tablet Computers Being Squeezed Out by Big-Screen Smartphones? » More

Bending the Future of U.S. Medical ProgressBeggar-Thy-Neighbor Medicine » More


A Tool for Doctors, Businesspeople, and Scientists WorldwideFive Ways Watson Will Change Computing » Here


An Alliance to Develop Chip-Production TechnologyIBM Said to Reject Globalfoundries Offer for Chip Unit » More


Proposed Law Would Fix Japan's Lax CybersecurityJapan Takes Its First Step to Fight Hackers » Here


A New, Extremely Persistent Type of Online TrackingMeet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block » Here

The Next Version of Windows Will 'Streamline' From Three Operating SystemNadella's Windows 9 & Device Plans Explained » More


A Good Long-Term Relationship With a ReaderNew York Times Chief Data Scientist Chris Wiggins On The Way We Create And Consume Content Now » Here

The Probability and Consequences of Accidents Caused by Events Outside a PlantNuclear Plants Should Focus on Risks Posed by External Events, Study Says » More






A Direct Challenge for Customers That Use BlackBerry’s Enterprise Services

BlackBerry Looks to Partnerships to Compete With Apple and IBM Venture » More

The Chip Industry Is Facing RestructuringGlobalFoundries Hires 3 More IBM Execs » Here


Big Platforms for Digital Health and FitnessHow Apple and Google Plan to Reinvent Healthcare » Here


HP Invests $50 Million in Hortonworks, Forges Big Data Partnership » A Broad Integration Pact Aimed at Big Data Analytics CustomersMore

A Better Business ModelIndia's Parablu Claims to Supply Totally Secure Cloud Storage » More


A Miniature Version of an Android Phone on Your WristLG's Smartwatch Shows Android Wear Operating System Has a Long Way to Go » Here

An Innovator in the Field of Optical Analysis of Fluids Philips to expand technology platforms for near patient diagnostic testing with acquisition of Unisensor » More

How Users Could Exchange Contacts by Shaking Hands or Giving a High-FiveRazer Integrates WeChat into its Nabu Wearable, Says Should Hit U.S. for Under $100 » More

The Latest 802.11ac Wireless StandardSamsung Launches Wireless Access Points With Built-in Security » More


Recent Research Isn’t All Doom and GloomScientists' Cheat Sheet for Improving Global Food Production » Here







The Dreams and the Social Benefits Are Still RealApollo 11 Inspired Generations of Innovators » Here


Concerns About Packet Sniffers Discovered Running on Every iOS DeviceApple Refers to iOS Back Doors as 'Diagnostic Capabilities' » More


The Key to Ensuring Self SufficiencyConflict Over Russia’s Role in Ukraine Spills Into Tech Sector » Here


A Renewed Assult Against Media Publications OnlineHacker Worms His Way into WSJ Computer Systems » More


A Page from the Book of SupercomputingIBM Adds Super-Fast Networking Capabilities to the Cloud » More


Intel Is Playing the Security Card With Its Latest Solid-State LineupIntel Launches SSD Pro 2500 Family of Hardware-Based Self-Encrypting Drives » More

Microsoft Earnings Held Back by Nokia UnitMicrosoft Narrows Efforts in Mobile Phones, Xbox Games and Bing » More

The Recession Accelerated the Displacement of the Midwage JobsTechnology, Aided by Recession, Is Polarizing the Work World » More


Fully Committed to Protecting the Privacy Rights of the American People The Challenge Of Keeping Tabs On The NSA's Secretive Work » Here


We Infinity Data Mining & Analytics PlatformWaggener Edstrom Communications Launches Platform That Shows Campaign Impact And Insight » More





Privacy-Enhancing Approaches to Online Data Sharing3 Projects Prove Privacy Is Not Dead » Here


A Good Sign for Online RetailersChinese Now Prefer Mobile When Going Online » More


A Joint ProgramCloud-Based Chip Design Research & Education » Here


Stop Misleading Consumers With Games Labeled “Free”Europe Wants Apple and Google to Fix In-App Payments Problem » More

Inside the Biggest Ship in the Roiling Tech OceanFormer IBMer Laments About Creeping Short-Term Mentality » Here


The Next Generation of Chip TechnologiesIBM Faces Chip Crossroads » More


Does Intel Stand a Chance in Mobile?Pyrrhic Victory: Intel Forces Its Way Into Mobile, but Might Destroy Itself in the Process » Here

An Unusual TransactionSviral Raises $20M to Build Distributed Data Centers From Leftover Computing Power (Exclusive) » More

What Powers Life as We Know ItThis Bacterium Can Survive on Electricity Alone » Here


The Mi BandXiaomi's $13 Fitness Band Can Also Unlock Your Phone » More