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Some net neutrality advocates are worried about this small loophole in the FCC’s rules (WP) >> More

Facebook unveils new plans for virtual reality, shopping, and the Internet of Things (WP) >> More

Science Fair Winners Chat Up Obama (MN) >> More

Online electronics retailers raided over EC antitrust price fears (ZD) >> More




SynBio Stubs for Standards (EE Times) >> More

Bracing for a big power grid attack: 'One is too many' (USA Today) >> More

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Health and fitness wearables spending grows, but standards and privacy worries remain (ZD) >> More


Obama lauds young scientists, $240M in education pledges  (USA Today) >> More

Will Apple Watch bridge the gender divide? (MN) >> More

Microsoft CEO Nadella partners with his enemy's enemy (USA Today) >> More

Mothers of Innovation: 12 Women Engineers and Scientists to Know (EE Times) >> More

US to stop collecting bulk phone records? Not really: There's a catch (ZD) >> More

The FTC beefs up technology investigations with new office (WP) >> More


A Manifesto for Makers (EE Times) >> More

Pwn2Own 2015: The year every web browser went down (ZD) >> More

Panasonic opens royalty-free portfolio to boost IoT development (ZD) >> More


Intel takes aim at the mobile market — again>> More

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days (The Express) >> More

As internet of things multiplies, so do potential security headaches (ZD) >> More

Optical Color Shifter Computes Cognitively (EE Times) >> More

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14 Views of the Open Power Summit (EE Times) >> More

OpenPower Unlocks Floodgates For An All-Chinese Server Business >> More

Can TAG Heuer, Intel, Google collaborate and create a smart enough watch? (ZD) >> More

The computers that will help scientists step closer to the Big Bang (ZD) >> More

AWS makes climate data collection available as part of White House initiative (ZD) >> More

Amazon doesn't want you to know how many data demands it gets (ZD) >> More

SXSW Start-up Snapshot: Detecting cancer with your smartphone (WP) >> More

Wheeler Says He Doesn’t Think the FCC Should Mandate FM Chip Activation (B&C) >> More


The Purpose of Our Eyes' Strange Wiring Is Unveiled >> More

Smart cities will house 9.7 billion IoT devices by 2020:  >> More

Internet of things: Sillier and scarier and coming your way (ZD) >> More

FTC's Rich: Title II Made Consumers Less Safe (MC) >> More

Wikimedia Foundation adopts Open Access Policy to support free knowledge >> More

Senator calls FCC a 'potentially threatening and unpredictable agency' (LA Times) >> More


Huawei, SAP work on Internet of Things development (ZD) >> More

Germany Moves Away From U.S.-Dominated IoT Standards Groups >> More


Is using encryption suspicious? Half of Americans say yes, according to Pew. (WP) >> More

Carbon3D's 3D printing technology highlights risk to HP strategy (ZD) >> More

Nintendo is making games for smartphones (LA Times) >> More


Scientists Pursue Super-Fast Material (EE Times) >> More

Broad alliance emerges to fight Obama tech policies (USA Today) >> More

BBC Plugs Kids into Programming (EE Times) >> More

Cyberattacks caused the leak of one billion records in 2014 (ZD) >> More

US firms caught in Chinese censorship crossfire (ZD) >> More

Project Titan, SixtyEight & SG5: Inside Apple's top-secret electric car project >> More

Would you trust Google to decide what is fact and what is not? (ZD) >> More

Pew: 60% OK With Government Surveillance of American 'Leaders' (B&C) >> More

IBM aims to help firms mine nuggets from Twitter (ZD) >> More

Snowden leaks lead Americans to scale back online activity, survey finds (LA Times) >> More

No, entrepreneurs, most of you don’t need angel investors or venture capitalists (WP) >> More



Driverless cars: A tremendous innovation with a glaring Achilles’ heel (WP) >> more

China holds back bill that worries US govt (ZD) >> more

Has Apple lost its religion of simplicity? (ZD) >> more

Disneyland for technology: How CeBIT has kept pulling in the crowds for nearly 30 years (ZD) >> more

Protesters stage anti-robot rally at SXSW (USA Today) >> more

SolarCity launches microgrids with Tesla batteries to protect communities from blackouts in natural disasters (MN) >> more








Apple's ResearchKit could be boon for medical research, but there are concerns (MN) more


Backblaze's massive new ultra-low-cost Storage Vault » Here


Cisco, Microsoft target cloud vendors in expanded partnership » Here


Facebook Finally Lets Its Firehose Be Tapped For Marketing Insights Thanks To DataSift » Here

GCHQ builds monster Raspberry Pi cloud with OctaPi formation » Here


Intel Science Talent Search- San Jose teen wins top prize, $150,000 » More

Kaspersky reveals CAPTCHA-tricking Podec Trojan » More


Medical Device ID Effort Hits Snag » Here


This Google exec says we can live to 500 » More


Privacy advocates try to keep ‘creepy,’ ‘eavesdropping’ Hello Barbie from hitting shelves » Here

Wikipedia Sues NSA Over Dragnet Internet Surveillance » Here






Cablevision Plots Freewheel App Attack » Here


CIA spends years trying to break Apple security » Here


EU Seeks to Tighten Data Privacy Laws » More


Here’s Apple’s Brand New MacBook » Here


Home to everyone from Google to the next big thing: Inside the Middle East's largest ICT hub » More

HP launches hyperscale Cloudline servers, aims for white box market » More

Intel's 1st Xeon SoC Twists ARM » Here


Obama Opens U.S. Effort to Fill High-Paying Tech Jobs » More


Storage Specialist SimpliVity Reaches Billion-Dollar Status » Here


Western Digital debuts 'world's most power-efficient' high-capacity 3.5-inch HDD for datacenters » Here





Apple announces Research Kit platform for medical research » More


CIA reinvents itself to focus on cyber operations » Here


Google reportedly building Android for virtual reality hardware » Here


Huawei aims to be at forefront of 5G technology » More


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Latest Science Projects » Here


R.I.P. iPod: Sony unveils cassette tape that can hold 64,750,000 songs » More

Salesforce adds more intelligence, data science to Service Cloud » Here


Spyware vendor may have helped Ethiopia target journalists – even after it was aware of abuses, researchers say » Here

Square Expands Its Reach Into Small-Business Services » Here


WANdisco sides with Open Data Platform as Hadoop debate spikes » More






Apple Watch: What to Look For at Monday’s Event » Here


Bio-ink pens for “do-it-yourself” sensor monitoring » Here


GE Ventures backs data-driven digital health company Evidation Health » More

HTC Vive: Virtual Reality That's So Damn Real I Can't Even Handle It » Here

Italy's €6bn broadband plan: Spread 100Mbps far and wide, fill in the rural notspots » More

Microsoft launches Xbox One SDK to let any developer build apps for its console » Here

MWC Wrap-Up: 15 Curious Things We Spotted » Here


Self-Driving Cars Could Cut Down on Accidents, Study Says » More


Telstra customers gain access to own metadata from next month » Here


The FTC wants to know how companies are tracking you across computers and smartphones » More




Alibaba to open cloud-computing data center in Silicon Valley » More


Fraud Comes to Apple Pay » More


Gemalto, Tapit use NFC platform to simplify mobile payments » More


Israeli Startup Can Turn Your Smartphone Camera Into a Star Trek Tricorder » Here

Making Sense Of MMT, The New Swiss Horological Smartwatch Platform » More

Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom team up on Lumia push for Europe » Here

NYPD buying nationwide car surveillance database for about half a million bucks » Here

Samsung’s Latest Acquisition: Utah-Based Yesco Electronics » More


Sony Xperia Z4 tablet: As close as it gets to an iPad on Android » Here


Why the new Moto E is the most important Android phone this year » More





Apple, Android users can be targeted with FREAK vulnerability, researchers say » Here

Apple, Samsung prep for another patent fight on smartphone features » More

BlackBerry to Launch Four New Devices in 2015 » Here


IBM powers up Watson with AlchemyAPI acquisition » Here


Nvidia Unveils Home Console for Videogames and Movies » More


Oculus VR hires Google X exec Mary Lou Jepsen » More


SanDisk launches Infiniflash, aims to bring flash array costs down » Here


The Best Way to Back Up Your Computer » More


Valve launches $50 Steam Link, says Steam Machines coming in November » Here

Virgin Atlantic pilots Sony smartglasses and smartwatches for engineers » Here






Box, Cisco, AirWatch, Workday, Xamarin launch enterprise app standards group » Here

Cutting the Cord: Networks tune into TV Everywhere » Here


Freescale, Cisco, Ciena Give Nod to FD-SOI » More


HP lands network virtualization deal with Telefonica » More


IBM, Semtech 30-Mile IoT Uses 10-Year AAs » More


Intellectual Ventures steps into auto industry, signs licensing agreement with Ford » Here

Is LG's WebOS-based wearable software more than a wacky experiment? » More

On Yahoo's 20th anniversary CEO Mayer counts her achievements » Here

Verizon brings small cells indoors using these cute little dots » Here


Windows Server 2016 leaks reveal Nano Server, protected VM role plans » Here






AVG unveils invisibility glasses to defend against facial recognition » More

Blackphone Announces New Privacy-Oriented Phone and Tablet » More


Broadcom Debuts Multi-Codec 4K Chips » Here


Google Plans to Be a Wireless Carrier, but at Small Scale » Here


Hands-On With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge » More


HTC Unveils a New Phone and Wearable Device » Here


Next IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps Unveiled » Here


Nokia’s Shift From Devices To Enabling Connectivity is Complete, Almost—Mobile World » More

Qualcomm Announces Next Generation Biometrics Solution » More


Silent Circle Details New Secure Devices—Mobile World » Here






Hackers Ate My Homework
Hackers Ate My Homework
In a post Snowden era, at a time where a multi-national company (such as Sony) seems to have not heeded prior hacker warnings and attacks, will there be any limit to the temptation for individuals, studio execs, Government elders and insurance provider to yell "Hackers did it!" whenever they mess up?
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