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The Yerka Project A Bike That Can’t Be Stolen? » Here


AWS's Zocalo Cloud Storage Service Is Now on General AvailabilityAmazon's Zocalo Enterprise Cloud Storage Opens for Business » More


A New Wearable Alongside the Two Next-Generation iPhonesApple Plans to Announce Wearable in September » Here


The First Memory-Enhancing Devices DARPA Project Starts Building Human Memory Prosthetics » More


Russian Hackers Attacked the U.S. Financial System in Mid-AugustFBI Examining Whether Russia Is Tied to JPMorgan Hacking » Here


The Militarization of U.S. Police ForcesHomeland Security Arms Local Cops With Super Spy Bug » More


IBM’s Watson Discovery AdvisorIBM Sees Broader Role for Watson in Aiding Research » More


Eases Concerns on Reliance on Uncertain Rare Earth Supplies and Supports Environmental Protection LG Innotek Develops World's First "Rare Earth Free" Automotive DCT Motor » Here

The “Big Data Tidal Wave'Looking to the Future of Data Science » More


Kinect Lives!Xbox One's Standalone Camera Goes on Sale for $150 With Dance Central Next Month » Here


Winners Across the World Commended for Novel Linux Application Implementations Leveraging DPDK6WIND Announces Contest Winners For SPEED MATTERS: The Challenge » Here

Building Out the AllJoyn Open-Source FrameworkAppliance Maker Electrolux Joins IoT-Focused AllSeen Alliance » More


A Terabyte of Space for $9.99 a MonthDropbox Bulks Up Its ‘Pro’ Cloud-Storage Plan » More


Lockheed Martin Joins With Tech Company to Build a Space Debris Tracking Station in AustraliaFighting Space Junk: The Next Generation » More


Companies Worry Cost of Plan to Trim Nuclear, Fossil Fuels Will Undermine CompetitivenessGermany's Expensive Gamble on Renewable Energy » Here


South Korea Is a Natural Place for the Company to Set Up ShopGoogle Plans New Startup Center in Seoul » More


A Bizarre Provision to Have in a Settlement AgreementHewlett-Packard Takes Aim at Deloitte UK over Autonomy » More


The Best-Sounding Headphones to DateMo-Fi Headphones Have More Power » More


8TB Hard Drives Boast Ultra-High Capacity, Energy-Efficiency and the Lowest TCO in the IndustrySeagate Ships World’s First 8TB Hard Drives » Here


'A Glance Shows When Something's Wrong'The IoT Startup Using 3D Interfaces to Control Smart Cities » More





Data Protection as a Service for Hybrid CloudEMC Unveils RecoverPoint for VMs » Here


Convincing Consumers to Purchase a Windows Phone Handset Is a Difficult TaskHuawei Says Windows Phone Is Unprofitable and Difficult » More


The Emerging World of 3D Printed OrgansIndian Surgeons Tackle Rare Disease With 3D Printed Skull » Here


Intel Shrinks 3G Chip for IoTIntel Shrinks 3G Chip for IoT » More


Techie Hipsters RejoiceLiveScribe Meets Moleskine » Here


Part of a $1.2 Billion Global Investment to Expand Cloud Services Footprint InternationallyMelbourne Nabs Australia's First IBM SoftLayer Datacentre » Here


The 'Worrier–Warrior' GeneMultitasking Gene May Help Drone Operators Control Robotic Swarms » More


A Second Round of the Smart America ProgramUS Launches Smart Cities Effort » Here


Can the QR Code Replace User Names and Passwords?Verizon Eyes QR Codes as Authentication Option » More


More Startups Look to Join the PackWearable Fitness Trackers for Fido? » Here




Is the Player Nervous? Just Ask His ShirtAt U.S. Open, Ralph Lauren to Introduce Wearable Technology » More


China’s Next Impossible DreamChina Launching Its Own OS, Seriously? » Here


Designed to Optimize Virtual Infrastructure, Applications and Management Dell Unveils Powerful New Solutions at VMworld » Here


Dozens of Countries Have Bought or Leased Such Technology in Recent YearsFor Sale: Systems That Can Secretly Track Where Cellphone Users Go Around the Globe » More

The ICBC Deal Is Part of a Continuing Push to Land Large Financial InstitutionsIBM Lands Commercial Bank of China Mainframe Deal » Here


No Longer an Academic Curiosity, It Now Has Measurable Impact on Our LivesIt's Time to Take Artificial Intelligence Seriously » More


The Chief Executive and Chairman of IBM During a Turbulent TimeJohn F. Akers, 79, Dies; Led IBM as PCs Ascended » Here


Apps Supporting Cupertino's Made For iPhone Hearing AidsPairing an iOS Device to a Hearing Aid » More


A Small Orb That Sits on Your Night StandSleep Tracker ‘Sense’ Raises $13 Million, Without Venture-Capital Help » Here


The Starting Gun for the Next Stage in a Very Long RaceWindows 9: Microsoft Faces Four Daunting Challenges » Here






Apple Has Been Preparing the Ground for the Launch of Its Health ApplicationApple Steps Up Health Push as It Begins Talks With Insurers » Here


The Android Operating System Is 'The Most Fragmented It Has Ever Been'Devs Now Have Over 18,000 Different Android Devices to Tweak Apps For » More

The Same One M8 That Ran Android Now Runs Windows Phone, Exclusively on VerizonHands On With the HTC One M8 for Windows: The First OS-Agnostic Phone » Here

A Multiyear Restructuring Effort to Reduce Workforce and Boost Cash FlowH-P's New Deal » More


The Future of Television with Best of Technology and Breathtaking Viewing ExperienceLG First To Commercialize 4K OLED TV » More


Breakthroughs in the Nascent Field of Soft RoboticsRobots That Show Their Softer Side » Here


Free, Powerful Mobile Apps Are Improving the LearningSmart Phones for Smart Kids » More


An Attempt to Overwhelm the Network With Artificially High Traffic Sony's PlayStation Network Targeted in Attack » Here


The Internet Might Be Replaced by a Brain-NetThe Golden Age of Neuroscience Has Arrived » More


Three New Fed Surveys Highlight Damage to the Labor MarketUnemployed by ObamaCare » More






Governments Rely on Computer-Security Holes to SnoopAntivirus Works Too Well, Gripe Cybercops » More


IBM's Latest Health and Big Data Project German Research Firm Taps IBM for 'Massive' X-ray Analytics Project » More

HyperCat Wants to Be Part of the IoT RevolutioInternet of Things Standard Gets Cash Boost to Take on 'Ubiquitous American Giants' » Here

Envisioneering QuotesMicrosoft Counters Google Chromebook » More


What to Do When People Are Outlived by Their Email and Social Media AccountsNew Law Expands Access to Google, Facebook Accounts of Deceased » Here

Predictive ShoppingShopping Made Psychic » More


Accurate DNA Tests in an Hour for Less Than $20Startup Promises Sub-$20 DNA Test » Here


The Theft of Customer Credit and Debit Data at 51 UPS Franchises in the United StatesUPS Confirms Security Breach » More


Modifications to the Core Android Operating SystemUS, German Researchers Create Framework for Core Android Security Modules » Here

Proposal Focuses on Balancing National Security and End-User PrivacyYale Profs Propose Openness, Crypto for Disciplined Surveillance » More